certainteed building insulation

  • Your insulation choice impacts thermal performance as well as moisture management, air tightness and acoustics. It’s important to choose wisely during a home’s construction or renovation, as upgrading later can be difficult and expensive. When your insulation system successfully controls all of the following aspects, you can achieve a higher level of Complete Comfort in your home.

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Owens corning procat insulation

ProCat® Insulation is an unbonded loosefill fiberglass™ thermal insulation. It is designed for use exclusively with the ProCat® machine.

• ProCat® Insulation is intended for use in both “open” applications, such as the floor of vented attics, and in “closed cavity” applications, such as walls and floors between stories of a house.


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Procat insulation machine rental

Receive a free machine rental with purchase of a certain number of ProCat Insulation bags. Call for Details.

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