Construction Work Even In Winter

1398 Chase Farms, Byron Center 1.jpg

With the winter weather right around the corner, many might think that our business will slow down to a trickle. However, American Classic stays as busy as ever, even through the sleet, hail, wind, and snow. If you’re still looking to have some exterior projects completed but worry about the snow getting in the way, don’t worry. Our project managers will walk you through the process and we can still update your home no matter the weather.

  • The roof installed is CertainTeed Landmark Moire Black.

  • The siding is PlyGem horizontal D4 & Board and Batten in Wedgewood. The shutters are custom built with Cedar wood.

  • The stone installed is PlyGem Mystic Flats with Charcoal Sills.

1398 Chase Farms, Byron Center 3.jpg
1398 Chase Farms, Byron Center 5.jpg

Drone Video of a Home in Kent City, MI

See the drone video below of this new construction home after its been completed! American Classic installed the roofs (shingles/metal), siding, stone, and gutters.

Roofing (shingles) - IKO Dynasty Dimensional Shingles..

Roofing (metal) - Firestone Striated Medium Bronze.

Stone - PlyGem Shadow Ledge Aberdeen.

Siding - (Horizontal and Board & Batten) PlyGem Teak. (Shake) PlyGem Stone Mountain Clay

Gutters - White