Rain Rain Go Away...When to Replace Your Gutters

Living in Michigan this week may have you feeling…well…left out in the rain.  As a homeowner, it’s important to pay attention to your home's gutters.  Observing how your gutters perform in a rain storm will help you to know if they are in need of replacement and/or repairs.

By looking for certain signs you can save yourself from many other maintenance problems down the road.  The ultimate goal of your gutters is to shed the water off of you roof and away from the house. 

Here is a list of things to look for to know the condition of your current gutter:

  • Leaking water in the basement can sometimes be due to clogged gutters

  • Stagnant water remaining in the gutter may mean the gutters need to be cleaned or are out of alignment

  • Water splashing over the sides of the gutter could be a sign of damaged gutters

  • If puddles or water channels seem to be forming it could be a sign of the gutters failing

These are just a few of the most noticeable signs of potential gutter failure.  If you can catch these early you can cut down on any potential water damage.