Frequently Asked Roofing Questions


1. Is there an ideal time to replace a roof?

Roofing can be installed year-round as long as the weather is permittable and is within the manufacturer's guidelines.  Some installers only install during warmer months while others might install year round. 

2. How long does the roof replacement take?

An average home project for a professional roofing crew will be 1 – 4 days depending on the scope of the project.  That does include prep, install, and cleanup time.   Job difficulty such as pitches, landscaping, and accessibility always play a factor in the efficiency of getting a job done.    

3. Are there any ideal roofing accessories?

Yes, there are.  A roofing professional will evaluate your home and where it is located.  For example, houses located inland vs. lakeshore and open lots (high wind areas) vs. wooded/shaded areas. 

Codes and common products are always evolving into better longevity for homeowners.  Key components are ice/water underlayment, cap masters for pipe boots (which is the #1 cause of leaks within the first 15 years of a new roof) and kick out flashing (J’d Out Kick Out Flashing) (which protects your side walls from water filtration which is the #1 cause of rotted side walls.)