How to Extend the Life of a Roof

Snow, Rain, Wind, Sun. All part of life in Michigan.

Living in Michigan is a great testimonial for a roof because we experience the ever-changing seasons.  A professional contractor is a good start to extending the longevity of the roof.  However, there are some key factors that help to get the most out of your roof. 

Number one is adequate insulation. Number two is an adequate amount of ventilation (intake and exhaust).  Intake is at the bottom eave edge of your roof (ie. vented soffit etc.) Exhaust is the vent style at the peak of your roof and/or gable end.  These two things are one of the most important factors in getting everything out of your shingles.   As an added bonus it is also beneficial for heating and cooling bills because without proper insulation you’ll experience tremendous heat in the summer month and tremendous amounts of ice in the winter months.  This can be very detrimental to the integrity of your shingles.

Along with insulation and ventilation it is important to remember to clean gutters and maintain overhanging branches and/or trees.  If unable to do these things yourself be sure to have a professional offer their assistance.